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    7373Once we've rolled back to the migration before the gap, the migrations are now in an acceptable order, and South will then happily apply the second `0010` migration and then `0011` as normal. 
     75However, this could still be somewhat dodgy if both migrations are really playing with the same area. '''South is no substitute for team coordination''' - in fact, most of the features are there purely to warn you that you haven't coordinated, and the simple merging on offer is only there for the easy cases. Make sure your team know who is working on what, so they don't write migrations that affect the same parts of the DB at the same time. 
     77== Adding South to existing projects == 
     79One of the great problems people have with migrations is that they always need them after they've started the project. One of the goals of South is to lower the barrier to entry as much as possible, and make adding migrations to your pre-existing applications a breeze; this process is documented on the ConvertingAnApp page. 
     81== Complex Application Sets == 
     83It is often the case that, with Django projects, there is a set of apps which references each others' files. This is, at its truest form, a dependency, and to ensure your migrations for such sets of applications apply sanely (i.e. the migrations that create the tables in one app happen before the migration that adds !ForeignKeys to them in another app), South has a [wiki:Dependencies Dependencies] feature. Once you've added dependencies to your migrations, South will ensure all prerequisites of a migration are applied before applying the migration itself. 
     85== That's All, Folks == 
     87Thanks for reading through the South tutorial; we hope you found it useful. 
     89 * South has more documentation and reference articles on many parts of the system; check the [wiki:Documentation Documentation] page. 
     90 * There's plenty of [wiki:Documentation#Support support] available if you have advanced needs, or are confused on some issues. 
     91 * If you think a feature is missing or broken, then [wiki:Documentation#Support get in touch]! We're more than happy to get suggestions; a large part of the current design of South is driven by user input. 
     92 * Finally, if you feel like contributing to the code, there's a [wiki:Contributing page about that], too.