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South 0.6.2

This is the second bugfix of the 0.6 series.

The fixes are:

  • Introspection of GeoDjango fields failed on Django 1.0 (#240)
  • Correct behaviour for NULLs, TextFields, default and MySQL (#168, #261)
  • String formatting issue (#264)
  • Parsing of zipped egg files now works (#259)
  • Fixed to work on Jython (#260)
  • Don't quote datetime.time and datetime.datetime in the cheap quoter (#254, #255)
  • Parents of proxy models are now correctly frozen (#253)
  • Capitalised constraints and alter_column works properly now. (#252)
  • Don't let really long table names make non-unique constraint names (#244)

New features:

  • Extensible introspection support, to allow introspection of third-party apps without the need to edit them. See ExtendingIntrospection.
  • --add-index option on startmigration (specify modelname.fieldname). Autodetection support is coming; thanks to Mike Panchenko for the patch.
  • Basic logging support of what's being run. Set SOUTH_DEBUG_ON and SOUTH_LOGGING_FILE.

There's also a few tiny miscellaneous fixes; have a read through the full hg log if you're curious! This release should be fully backwards-compatable with previous releases.

Many thanks to my small South sprint team at the DjangoCon 09 sprints, without whom I wouldn't have got at least three of those bullet points done!

You might also want to Download South 0.6.2.