Last modified 6 years ago Last modified on 09/05/09 15:24:53

South 0.6.1

This is a bugfix release for the 0.6 series, containing the following fixes:

  • Removing a model no longer creates a bad frozen entry for that model, causing "cannot import name django" errors.
  • Using two alters in a migration with SQLite now works correctly.
  • The SQLite alter_column and delete_column statements now (correctly) throw NotImplementedError, and don't fail mysteriously.
  • SQLite's rename_column now works with app names with underscores, and models with Meta.db_table set (#226)
  • Foreign keys from abstract parents are introspected correctly (#231)
  • DB dry runs with --verbosity=2 now correctly print the SQL they would run.
  • The no-dry-run message now prints out the right output (#237)
  • Removing M2M fields no longer causes "that model isn't available in this migration" errors.
  • GeoDjango fields are now correctly introspected (#239)

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