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South 0.5

This fifth release of South brings major new features and much updated internals. Changes include:

  • A new ORM Freezing feature, which allows you to access the ORM in its historical state during migrations.
  • A totally rewritten parser, which can now deal with all but the most wacky of models files.
  • Automatic change detection, so most common migrations can be automatically written for you.
  • South is now packaged as a subdirectory, south/, to make it easier to use with pip, buildout, and similar systems.
  • Nice DB API methods for removing foreign keys, creating and deleting unique constraints.
  • Full compatability with Django-created (and all other) constraints (in case you did the ConvertingAnApp trick) - previously, we relied on predictable named.
  • More robust alter_column changes, including dropping constraints for things like PositiveIntegerField when changing away.

You can see the full list of closed tickets, or peer through the subversion commits if you're interested in more gory details.

South 0.5 can be obtained via the methods on the download page, and there's plenty of support and discussion around.