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You can check South out of subversion using:

svn co south

(If you would like to check out the outdated 0.2 stable release and only receive any security updates, use

Make sure the south directory is in your python path - just like you did with Django when you installed it - and then add 'south' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting. Run ./ syncdb (taking notice of the new migration-enabled syncdb) and you're ready to go! Have a look our tutorial, or the more in-depth documentation. You might also want to subscribe to my South feed to get updates on new features.

Remember, South is currently only in beta and thus only has PostgreSQL and most MySQL support support, and only supports the most common field types. However, it's behind this site and a major (but not yet public) project at Torchbox, so it definitely works so far.

Note that South requires a reasonably new version of Django; we're running it against 1.0 alpha, but it should work on 0.97-pre-svn too.

South is released under the Apache Public License, version two.