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The latest released version of South is 0.6.2, released on October 26th 2009. Release Notes


The stable release is 0.6.2. To check out the 0.6.2 tag from mercurial, run:

hg clone
hg update -C 0.6.2

Or use the tarball at:

Main development happens in Mercurial, so if you want the latest raw, possibly-not-usable code, run:

hg clone

You can track the "stableish" tag if you want a cutting-edge, but not entirely unstable, version.

There's also a GitHub mirror, but it sometimes lags behind the Mercurial tree.

If you already have a checkout of South, just run

hg pull
hg update -C <tag>

to get the version you want - where <tag> is stableish, 0.6.2, or tip.

You can also install using pip or easy_install - use:

pip install South

Note that the case is important if you're using Pip and want a requirements file.


Make sure the south/south/ directory is in your python path - just like you did with Django when you installed it - and then add 'south' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting. You can do this either by extending your python path (append to sys.path), or by running python install in the South directory.

Note that the south application is in the "south" subdirectory of trunk, so you'll have to add the directory you check out to the path, not its parent.

Run ./ syncdb (taking notice of the new migration-enabled syncdb) and you're ready to go! Have a look our tutorial, or the more in-depth documentation. You might also want to subscribe to my South feed to get updates on new features.

South supports Django 1.1, 1.0 or 0.97-pre-svn.

South is released under the Apache Public License, version two.