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Contributions are very, very welcome; if you'd like to get involved, first have a chat to us either by using the mailing list, or dropping into #django-south on freenode.

Please note that main development occurs in our Mercurial repository, so please fork that and develop against it, instead of Subversion.

  • For code changes, have a go at writing the change and attach it as a patch to a new ticket. We'd love to see both bugfixes and new contributions alike, although for entirely new things it'd be nice to discuss it with you first!
  • Documentation help is also welcomed; ask Andrew for a Trac account, and then you can start editing the wiki pages, which is what we'll be using as our main source of documentation (they'll be distilled into text files in Subversion every so often).
  • If you can think of anything else we need, and that you can offer, please get in touch!

Running Tests

To run the South tests, find a Django app (or make a new blank one) and add South to INSTALLED_APPS, and set SKIP_SOUTH_TESTS to False in your settings. Then, run ./ test south.

For extra utility, the test suite needs to be run on each DB backend in turn; my solution to this is a modified that changes backends based on the existence of use-mysql or use-sqlite files, and a script which makes and removes these files while running three lots of tests.