19:02 Ticket #92 (Need support for "choices" property of CharField) closed by andrew
fixed: Fixed in [158].
18:54 Ticket #92 (Need support for "choices" property of CharField) created by anonymous
If a charfield has a choices property, startmigration doesn't create a …
04:56 Ticket #91 (ugettext, ugettext_lazy or _ in model field) created by vaneck.marcel@…
As soon as someone uses internalization tools for Django. They may use …


17:55 Ticket #90 (default=None not handled) closed by andrew
fixed: Fixed in [154].


02:58 Ticket #90 (default=None not handled) created by elsdoerfer@…
The model definition that Django's contrib app uses defines the following …


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17:09 db.clear_table created by andrew
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16:38 Ticket #89 (Latest svn unusable) closed by andrew
fixed: Never mind, I looked into it and forgot to update the dry_runner for the …
16:08 db.create_index created by andrew
16:04 Ticket #89 (Latest svn unusable) created by iamer@…
Using latest svn with autofreeze option, results in ability to apply …
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09:55 Ticket #88 (Move south package in subdirectory) created by Jannis Leidel <jannis@…>
Please move the south package at http://svn.aeracode.org/svn/south/trunk/


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17:34 Ticket #86 (South doesn't like apps named 'site') closed by andrew
invalid: Anyway, whatever the problem is, this isn't a South issue, so closing.
17:33 Ticket #72 (manage.py: error: no such option: --add-field) closed by andrew
17:32 Ticket #7 (Make changes in models automatic) reopened by andrew
Reopening! This feature is now made possible by the ORM Freezer, and so it …
17:31 Ticket #82 (Help with data migrations) closed by andrew
fixed: Note that as of the latest few commits the ORM Freezer
17:30 Ticket #75 (migrations seem not to be executed before tests) closed by andrew
fixed: Argh, I missed this ticket, many apologies. We changed the test runner to …
14:57 Ticket #47 (Automatic initial migration generation fails when models.py does not end ...) closed by andrew
fixed: Fixed in the ORM Freezer parser rewrite ([140] - [143]). Note that the new …
14:56 Ticket #9 (Translation strings) closed by andrew
fixed: The new rewritten parser, in [140] - [143], both defines _ in the …
14:54 Ticket #41 (Handling of fields in startmigration creates problematic code dependencies) closed by andrew
fixed: Fixed by the ORM Freezer checkin, committed in [140] - …
14:53 Ticket #45 (Invalid code generated by startmigration --initial) closed by andrew
fixed: This should be fixed as of the ORM Freezer checkin (committed in [140] - …
14:48 Ticket #81 (startmigration --initial does not track which mock_models have been ...) closed by andrew
fixed: This is fixed by the new system that replaces mock models in 0.5 - see …


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04:46 Ticket #87 (migrating models from an abstract model class) created by Antonius Common
Hi Fellows, Commendations upon South, I LOVE IT. However, I had no luck …


19:45 Ticket #86 (South doesn't like apps named 'site') created by steve918
I often put small things like contact form, about, terms etc in an app …


00:25 Ticket #85 (Unsupport field types from Django 1.0) created by paul.collins.iii@…
Tried to do a startmigration on a new app in my code and ran into the …


17:20 Ticket #84 (delete_column method signature for SQLite version of DatabaseOperations ...) closed by andrew
fixed: Yes, I know that all too well! Thanks for spotting this; it's now fixed in …


17:06 Ticket #84 (delete_column method signature for SQLite version of DatabaseOperations ...) created by rcook@…
Obviously, this is not a terribly important bug since SQLite does support …


12:53 Ticket #83 (alter_table does not take care of constraints) created by ck@…
When trying to convert a PositiveSmallIntegerField? to a SmallIntegerField?


07:20 Ticket #82 (Help with data migrations) created by anonymous
Hi, I couldn't find the link to any mailing list, so I'm asking the …


18:27 Ticket #81 (startmigration --initial does not track which mock_models have been ...) created by eric.walker@…
In the attachment, there doesn't appear to be any coordination of the …
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