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#32 ContentType table is not updated when renaming table migrations The Future defect 10/21/08
#87 migrating models from an abstract model class commands The Future defect 02/27/09
#994 add_column(PositiveIntegerField, keep_default=False) create greater zero constraint twice commands 1.0 defect 01/16/12
#1024 retry_failed_fields methods fails to produce meaningfull error if exception message contains unicode chars commands 1.0 defect 02/05/12
#1073 South does not notice when a ForeignKey's type should change commands The Future defect 05/04/12
#1353 Syntax error on migrating textfield storing dictionary literal migrations defect 03/01/14
#580 Converting from abstract class inheritance to multi-table inheritance commands The Future enhancement 09/14/10
#579 Field name not updated on ManyToMany through table migrations 1.0 defect 09/13/10
#958 Django-south test management commands breaks ability to use Nose coverage options commands 1.0 defect 11/21/11
#992 Primary Key: SlugField to CharField migrations 1.0 defect 01/13/12
#1050 converstion of IntegerField to PositiveIntegerField has constraint problems migrations 1.0 defect 03/05/12
#1076 MySQL: delete_unique() fails if the index "supports" a FK migrations 1.0 defect 05/09/12
#1109 m2m tables greted twice commands The Future defect 06/06/12
#932 Support for insert+select databaseapi The Future enhancement 10/14/11
#930 define Command.args for schemamigration documentation 1.0 enhancement 10/02/11
#956 Fixtures from migrations - add warning documentation 1.0 enhancement 11/17/11
#1140 Additional error handling for 'app' argument commands The Future enhancement 07/23/12
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