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#638 platform-dependent constraint name hash assigned andrew defect major 1.0
#687 variable delete_unique_sql should be different for mysql assigned andrew defect major 1.0
#696 the south syncdb command ignore the errors that raise in base django syncdb infoneeded andrew defect major 1.0
#699 no name for migration adding only single m2m relation assigned andrew defect major 1.0
#578 Boolean default values are not set correctly when adding new columns with sqlite reopened andrew defect minor 1.0
#579 Field name not updated on ManyToMany through table accepted andrew defect minor 1.0
#596 South emits signals which do not honor Django's expectations. assigned andrew defect minor 1.0
#685 add a flag to run only schema migrations infoneeded andrew enhancement minor 1.0
#574 Put docstring on `migartions/` assigned andrew enhancement trivial 1.0
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