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#439 Command responses should examine management command name assigned andrew defect 1.0 commands
#574 Put docstring on `migartions/` assigned andrew enhancement 1.0 commands
#703 South does not seem to pick up "spatial_index" and "db_index" params for GeoDjango's geometry fields assigned andrew defect 1.0 migrations
#930 define Command.args for schemamigration accepted andrew enhancement 1.0 documentation
#956 Fixtures from migrations - add warning accepted andrew enhancement 1.0 documentation
#1184 python 2.4 compat fix for 0.7.6 new andrew defect 1.0 commands
#1140 Additional error handling for 'app' argument accepted andrew enhancement The Future commands
#1224 Running "migrate" using PostgreSQL cause the PostgreSQL to log an error new andrew defect commands
#1275 Docs (signals) new andrew enhancement documentation
#1344 Error when migrations folder already exists. new andrew defect commands
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