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#697 MySQL rename column and table fails when present in a foreign key mysql foreign key fk rename renaming assigned andrew defect minor
#1418 _remake_table in sqlite3 driver breaks NOT NULL in primary_key fields null, primary key, sqlite3 new andrew defect critical
#1305 Postgresql Altering forignkey to nullable postgresql null foreign key new andrew defect major
#833 add_column with an autofield fails primary key assigned andrew defect minor
#1180 primary key in model is not primary key in database primary key assigned andrew defect major
#1307 Migrate doesn't add primary key and unique constrains when altering a column primary key constrains migration alter column new andrew defect major
#1382 Primary key losing NOT NULL with migration primary_key new andrew defect major
#760 Autoincrementing primary keys for sqlite3 sqlite3 autoincrement primary key assigned andrew defect minor
#1325 Converting column from unique primary key to non-unique non-primary key in MySQL does double-conversion and throws error. unique primary key new andrew defect major
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