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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#994 add_column(PositiveIntegerField, keep_default=False) create greater zero constraint twice andrew defect major unknown
#1024 retry_failed_fields methods fails to produce meaningfull error if exception message contains unicode chars andrew defect major unknown
#958 Django-south test management commands breaks ability to use Nose coverage options andrew defect minor 0.7.3

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#211 South does not track new and removed permissions andrew enhancement major 0.6-pre
#220 Renaming a inherited model makes troubles with foreignkeys andrew defect major 0.6-pre
#336 Try to stop the auth module's superuser hook from firing when a profile module is defined andrew defect major 0.6.2
#358 Automatically detect column renames andrew defect major 0.6.2
#391 _ptr fields in inheriting models not renamed when main model is renamed andrew defect major 0.7-rc1
#426 Replace __import__ with import_module andrew defect major mercurial
#470 Migrations scripts from 0.6 fail with 0.7.1 due to inheritance problem andrew defect major unknown
#599 PointField error andrew defect major unknown
#627 alter_column fails on postgres when removing null=True andrew defect major unknown
#639 Support fixture schema migrations andrew enhancement major unknown
#675 incorrectly deleted primary key andrew defect major unknown
#699 no name for migration adding only single m2m relation andrew defect major 0.7.2
#702 South + tests + multidb: missing south_migrationhistory table in the second db andrew defect major unknown
#736 Migration with proxy model does not work andrew defect major 0.7.3
#746 datamigrations with proxy model m2m has invalid manager andrew defect major 0.7.3
#789 Mark Migration: downtime=True andrew defect major unknown
#1070 migration fails with m2m field, with certain attributes defined, pointing proxy model andrew defect major 0.7.4
#270 startmigration --fixture option andrew enhancement minor 0.6.1
#526 add-model doesn't create m2m tables andrew defect minor 0.7.1
#758 Improve interative console prompts readability andrew enhancement minor unknown
#795 Changing DateField.auto_now generates a redundant migration andrew defect minor 0.7.3
#833 add_column with an autofield fails andrew defect minor 0.7.3
#439 Command responses should examine management command name andrew defect trivial 0.7
#574 Put docstring on `migartions/` andrew enhancement trivial 0.7.2

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1047 has_ddl_transactions property broken with MySQL and Django 1.3 andrew defect blocker mercurial fixed
#798 CHECK constraint for PositiveIntegerFields different from Django andrew defect critical mercurial fixed
#666 MySQL InnoDB foreign key errors when applying multiple migrations andrew defect major 0.7.1 invalid
#679 When changing a ForeignKey, references are not updated andrew defect major unknown fixed
#688 schemamigration --add-index creates invisible migrations andrew defect major 0.7.2 duplicate
#693 Introspection plugin for Django Audit Log andrew enhancement major unknown fixed
#694 South Unable to Do DDL Transactions Under MySQL andrew defect major unknown invalid
#723 Invalid syntax exception in andrew defect major 0.7.3 fixed
#726 modified syncdb shouldn't load fixtures until after migrate command andrew enhancement major 0.7.3 wontfix
#727 Default value for geometry column is not supported by mysql andrew defect major unknown fixed
#728 South 0.6.x used to find migrations that 0.7.x does not; this fixes it andrew defect major 0.7.3 wontfix
#767 configurable verbosity during test runs andrew enhancement major 0.7.3 invalid
#843 south confused by similar app names andrew defect major 0.7.3 wontfix
#940 _remake_table does not set NULL or NOT NULL on _south_new_<table> using sqlite3 andrew defect major 0.7.3 duplicate
#960 Error in proxy model migration script andrew defect major 0.7.3 invalid
#966 auto-generated migration will remove unique constraint after column is removed when removing column used in unique_together andrew defect major unknown duplicate
#1011 error running andrew defect major 0.7.3 invalid
#1023 South syncdb breaks Haystack by modifying INSTALLED_APPS and then triggering signals andrew defect major 0.7.3 wontfix
#1029 Data migration that delete rows does not work - MySQL andrew defect major 0.7.3 invalid
#1030 00074f0d28e7 introduces a bug in MySQL andrew defect major mercurial fixed
#1049 unique_together ordering andrew defect major unknown duplicate
#1057 PostgreSQL index name differences prevent field indexes from being dropped andrew defect major mercurial fixed
#1059 ImportError: cannot import name CASCADE with new South, Django 1.2 andrew defect major mercurial fixed
#1060 Upload the 0.7.4 tar package on the releases page andrew task major unknown fixed
#1061 Undocumented: can't use orm API with --db-dry-run andrew defect major unknown wontfix
#1062 column "date" cannot be cast to type date andrew defect major unknown invalid
#1063 More meaningful error messages about database errors during the migration andrew enhancement major 0.7.3 worksforme
#1071 Syntax error in db/ with Python 2.4 andrew defect major 0.7.4 fixed
#1079 syncdb fails if app dos not contain models andrew defect major 0.7.5 invalid
#1084 Can't get to releases page andrew defect major unknown fixed
#1096 SyntaxError on python2.5 with Firebird driver andrew defect major unknown worksforme
#1104 easy_install of South on fresh system – fails requiring setuptools_hg andrew defect major 0.7.5 worksforme
#1105 Extraneous '' in Line 113 of Causes Issues andrew defect major unknown fixed
#1181 Small import fix andrew defect major unknown fixed
#1194 Error Converting to South andrew defect major mercurial fixed
#698 using schemamigration --add-field fails with cryptic message andrew defect minor 0.7.2 fixed
#720 Prettier graphmigrations andrew enhancement minor unknown fixed
#722 (patch) Detailed changes list for migrations andrew enhancement minor 0.7.3 fixed
#739 Fix testcase for databases that have connection.features.interprets_empty_strings_as_nulls==True andrew defect minor unknown fixed
#780 post_migrate signal not sent with verbosity 0 and nothing to migrate andrew defect minor mercurial fixed
#788 pydev in Eclipse doesn't recognise DatabaseOperations andrew defect minor 0.7.3 wontfix
#821 Duplicate field name in model was not caught in model validation andrew defect minor 0.7.3 invalid
#877 Encoding header in generated files is not PEP 0263 compliant. andrew defect minor 0.7.3 fixed
#959 Python 2.4 incompatibility andrew defect minor mercurial fixed
#990 Mysql DB Engine issue andrew defect minor unknown invalid
#1026 calling `alter_column` on a non-existing column doesn't raise an error andrew defect minor unknown invalid
#1225 Speed up for list migrations andrew enhancement minor 0.7.6 fixed
#692 gentle suggestion for clarity about easier-to-deal-with DBMSes andrew enhancement trivial unknown fixed
#759 Missing cursor definition in south/tests/ andrew defect trivial unknown fixed
#1056 Soft-match dependencies andrew enhancement trivial unknown wontfix

Status: infoneeded (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#696 the south syncdb command ignore the errors that raise in base django syncdb andrew defect major 0.7.2
#955 Don't create migrations for built-in apps andrew defect major 0.7.3
#685 add a flag to run only schema migrations andrew enhancement minor 0.7.2

Status: new (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1019 A New Trend Sees the Web Come Alive As "Livespots" Proliferate andrew defect major unknown
#1177 Error when a m2m relationship is defined between one south app and one non-south app where non-south app has initial data. andrew defect major unknown
#1341 Fabric integration: 'schemamigration --auto' returns 1 if nothing to migrate andrew enhancement major unknown
#946 ORM does not cascade deletion of rows across apps andrew defect minor 0.7.3
#1116 TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'int' objects andrew defect minor 0.7.5
#1172 problem with sqlite3 migration when changing CharField to SlugField andrew defect minor unknown
#1198 More sensible sort order for migrations? andrew defect minor unknown
#1184 python 2.4 compat fix for 0.7.6 andrew defect trivial 0.7.6

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#570 Syntax Error!!! andrew defect major unknown
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